The Benefits of Purna Yoga

Do you know what is yoga? I am quite sure that you have heard this term and most probably you have a little knowledge of it. Hearing this activity, most people commonly associate it with bodily movements and exercises. In reality, there are several genres of yoga which are so beneficial to humanity. One of the best types of this activity is the so-called Purna Yoga. At the present time, most people perceive yoga not merely just a type of exercise, but also a means of relaxing, curing, exercise and releasing all kind of depressions and stresses. That’s why, nowadays, a lot of people always find time to do yoga. Actually, there are various types of yoga, and of the most used it is what we call Purna yoga. In this short article, I would like to share a little knowledge of mine regarding Purna Yoga. Etymologically, the term Purna means complete. Therefore, it can be defined as a complete series of yoga practices which is nurturing all aspect of well-being such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It is a complete practice that nurtures all facets of the being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The practice involves all facets of life as areas of potential growth. The philosophy tells that human being is composed of both body and soul. And so, the practice must also involve both, so as to create balances for the well-being of human beings. We have a body, but you also have aspirations, dreams, relationships, careers, finances, and many other facets of your life. Some sources inform that It was created in order to help us exploring, discovering, and fulfilling our life missions. It allows you to unveil the reason that your soul descended into your body at this time and in this place. It moves you past the common existence of slavishly adhering to the wants of your ego and towards an ultimate purpose. This activity leads you to your true path. When we feel lost, sad, confused, stuck, stiff, or are in pain, our bodies are telling us that we have lost contact with the most important part of us, our spirit. Therefore, we must use our breath, movements, thoughts and feelings to welcome our spirit into our first and most important physical home, our bodies. It teaches the mind, the body, and the emotions how to be at home with the spirit. It is the art of loving yourself by living from the heart. If you want to have yoga training, it is recommendable for you to visit Chameleon New age Salon. We have Sarah who is very professional and expert teacher in Hatha and Purna yoga.