Some Restorative Yoga Poses to Balance Your Hormones

Most of the people try to focus on maintaining a healthy body and diet through proper exercising and a quality sleep schedule. But even the healthiest persons, athletes or quality deep sleepers may start experiencing fluctuations in the energy, weight and their mood if their hormones get out of control and balance. Even the slightest change in the hormonal balance can harm the body in numerous ways. Hormonal imbalance may lead to muscle mass loss, weight gain/loss, irregular hunger, dryness of the skin, depression or anxiety. Therefore, how can one prevent this? How to control hormones when they are out balanced? One great option available out there is yoga. There is nothing like Yoga for keeping your body, mind and emotions in good shape. There are several yoga poses that can balance hormones naturally. Below mentioned are a few of them: Inverted Yoga Poses: One of the best ways to prevent the hormones from getting out of control is by practicing inverted yoga poses. Handstand, Headstand, Shoulder stand or any other yoga poses which involves having a direct reversal of the toes to the head is beneficial for the heart, lungs and the thyroid. The Headstand is regarded as one of the best hormone balancing yoga pose. Seated Cross-legged Yoga Poses: Any yoga pose that requires you to sit in a cross-legged position is beneficial as they target the adrenal gland and also calm and lessen depression. To assume the pose, sit by crossing your legs at the shins and place your hands on the knees or your lap with the palms facing upwards. Relax any tension you have on the thighs, feet, shins or pelvis so that the outer edges of these areas rest comfortably on the floor. While inhaling, keep your back straight, and the pelvis relaxed. Move your spine and chin forward and then exhale. Forward Bending Yoga Poses: The Forward bending Yoga poses include Extended Puppy yoga pose, Downward-Facing Dog pose, standing as well as Seated forward fold, child pose and which not only help to get rid of stress and anxiety but also help to restore the hormone level in your body. The Forward Bending Yoga poses are known to maintain the right sugar level in the blood and also help to improve the functions of the kidneys, pancreas, thyroid as well as thymus. To assume the pose, sit with your legs spread/extended in front of you. While inhaling, lengthen the spine and then exhale, bending forward from the waist. Get your head as close to your legs as possible. Stay in the pose for as long as possible and then return to the original position. Salutation Seal: Also called as the prayer position, the salutation seal helps to achieve a state of calmness. It further helps to boost the function of the pineal gland, which secretes the hormone called melatonin and the pituitary gland, which is responsible for several other hormones. To assume the pose, sit in the cross-legged position. Inhale and bring your palms together near your chest. Then bend down your head slightly forward. Next, bend your head forward and push your sternum into the thumbs while lengthening the back and elongating the back of your arms. Along with your body becoming more flexible and stronger, you will also find that you can achieve hormone balance through yoga. Moreover, practicing yoga for hormonal balance not only helps to maintain the body hormones but there are other benefits that come from yoga because of the deep breathing. As you may have understood by now that yoga helps many people who suffer from depression. Moreover, not only do the yoga poses help to maintain the body hormones but other benefits come from yoga because of the deep breathing. Deep breathing takes more oxygen to every part of your body, calms down the mind and relaxes the muscles so as they will stretch further which in turn helps to maintain hormonal balance in the body. Moreover, some of the yoga poses are great for women who are suffering from problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as a polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the name given to a metabolic state in which a woman will have polycystic ovaries, along with a certain pattern of additional symptoms that reflect hormonal imbalances. But by performing some PCOD yoga poses and by maintaining the right diet, women can deal with such a disorder and get relief. if you want to know more info just click.