Powerful Yoga Asanas For Glowing Skin

You might have admired the folks blessed with beautiful flawless skin as they walk past you while your skin is a walking example of ageing, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle. With a little bit of effort and yoga, you can also flaunt a skin that is free from the wreckage of daily wear and tear. Draw attention with that radiant skin that is healthy from the inside out. The simple word “Yoga” has the power to change your exterior frame from inside to keep your skin healthy for long. Common things that cause skin issues Premature wrinkling in the skin primarily arises due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress. Practising unhealthy habits such as alcohol, smoking, drug addiction, along with wrong food habits can deteriorate your skin elasticity. Acne can also lead to skin issues which can occur at any edge. However, it is especially relevant during the teenage or for the patients suffering from hormonal issues. Digestive issues such as excess acidity could also lead to the formation of acne or similar skin issues wrecking the structure of your skin. Now to achieve a perfectly young looking skin, you need to practice the following yoga for glowing skin. 1. Padmasana Padmasana symbolizes the flower Lotus which is among the powerful symbols which have transcended from time and religion. The padmasana is known to bring down the stress level leading to a calm mind which could often be the reason for acne given the fact that stress brings hormonal disturbances. As lotus flower represents the birth of life from mud and dirt, this particular asana helps you uplift yourself from the negative traits inside your body by removing all that is affecting the quality of your skin and body. Padmasana essentially awakens your chakras by cleansing yours from inside. 2. Adho Mukha Svanasana If you are looking for yoga for face glow and fair skin, adho mukha svanasana can do you wonders. Also known as “Downward Facing Dog”, this asana can help you increase the flow of blood towards your face making it glow with a reddish hue. As the asana makes you lift your hips, the head tends to come to align below the level of the heart which essentially promotes blood circulation towards the upper half of the body. This helps with the achievement of a skin that looks younger for longer. 3. Dhanurasana Dhanurasana, also known as Bow Pose ranks among the 12 basics of Hatha Yoga which is an amazing exercise for stretching your back muscles while imparting better flexibility to your whole body. Dhanurasana helps remove the toxins from the body especially the one in the renal region. This yoga glow for skin can be achieved with regular practice done under the guidance of a learned instructor to ensure that you do not practice the asana in a wrong way. This asana is a great form of exercise for relieving stress from the mind. It also helps with the stimulation of your reproductive organs introducing better fertility especially for the women suffering from fertility issues arising from PCOD, Thyroid malfunction, etc. 4. Sarvangasana It is also known as the shoulder stand given the fact that the weight of your entire body rests on the shoulder to help you with perfect body balance. It also allows you to attain the complex versions of yoga asanas. With improved digestion, you get relief from acne making Sarvangasana a great option when it comes to yoga for glowing skin with exercise. It essentially helps stimulate the thyroid gland, prostate glands, and also abdominal organs to help you maintain the hormonal levels throughout the body. 5. Halasana Halasana is termed so given the fact that achieving this asana requires one to take shape similar to the plow used in farms by Indian farmers. Halasana essentially helps burn down the belly fat while regulating the appetite with improved digestion. It also helps with weight loss. It also stimulates our reproductive system while maintaining the levels of estrogen and other hormones in the body. Well-regulated hormonal levels in the body lead to a lustrous skin that glows with radiance. Apart from that, this asana also helps in reduction of fatigue and stress. For more information: https://www.yogateacherstrainingrishikesh.com/