Best Yin Yoga Poses For an Open Heart

Yin Yoga is a common practice by people who want to target deep tissues including the tendons, ligaments and joints. Yin Yoga sequence involves limited movements where a person stays in one position for an extended or longer period, usually between three and five minutes. The Yin Yoga positions work great for connective tissues of the body including thighs, pelvis, spine and hips among others. Yin Yoga for upper body is mostly practised when lying or sitting on the floor. It is, therefore, important to wear comfortable clothing. As a beginner, you should not aim to hold the poses for a longer period and should start with the one which you can handle, without overstretching your limits. It will only be a matter of time before you start noticing some improvements. Before getting into the poses, let’s first know about some of the major Yin Yoga benefits that you will enjoy when practising it: Strengthening connective tissues: By practising Yin Yoga, you will be able to strengthen your joints and connective tissues. So by practising Yin Yoga, you will be able to make your muscles stronger, and they will be performing their functions more efficiently. This also helps to reduce the cases of injuries. Improved energy flow: Yin Yoga enhances energy flow through the various body channels which help to boost the health functions of different organs. The Yin Yoga poses also help to boost the body’s immunity and slowing some signs of ageing like wrinkles. Improved flexibility: Yin yoga helps to gently stretch the limits of body tissues such as tendons and joint ligaments and therefore helps to improve flexibility in areas such as knee, spine, and ankles. Reducing stress: Due to our current lifestyle, most of us live a stressful life which affects our performance as well as feelings. This also leads to health issues like hypertension and heart ailments among others. But by practising Yin Yoga, you can reduce stress as the deep exercises are known to calm the mind. Increased blood circulation: Poor blood circulation in the body can contribute to tingling and numbness in several parts such as hands and toes among others. So by holding some of the Yin Yoga poses will help you to improve blood circulation in body organs such as the spine and glands and will also help to have better blood flow to other body areas. Within Yin Yoga practice, one can practice a sequence of poses which target specific areas of the physical body, like particular meridian lines. Therefore, some of the Yin Yoga poses can be combined into a sequence to open the heart. The meridians that are mainly focused on here are the heart, lung and the small intestine. Here are some of the Yin Yoga poses for heart which you can start practising: Opening meditation: Start the pose by sitting in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe in and out and try to observe and listen to how the breath flows in the body. Then move your focus towards the heart and feel into space. Use your breath and try to feel the heartbeat. For best results, do the opening meditation for 5 minutes. Reclined Butterfly: Use a few pillows to elevate your chest upwards and also to rest your head. Then bring the soles of the feet together and let your knees fall on either side. Close your eyes and then breathe in and out slowly with equal pace. This pose works best for the upper body and the hips and should be practised for about five minutes. Cat/Cow: You can practice the Cat/Cow pose in between the other postures to neutralise. To assume the pose, inhale and then arch your back and when you exhale, round the back. This pose works best for the heart and the spine and should be practised for 2-3 minutes. Childs pose using blocks: To assume the pose, sit back and rest on the heels in the Childs pose. Use one or two blocks in front of you and then bend forward and rest your arms and let your head touch the floor. Your arms should be elevated, and you should feel a stretch in your shoulders. Breathe normally and try to maintain the pose for four minutes. To get the best results, find a good and reputable Yin Yoga trainer so that all the poses can be practised safely and in right way. For more information: