Four Mistakes in Endometriosis Treatment

Four Mistakes in Endometriosis Treatment, Have You Made Them?

For most women, endometriosis is an unspeakable pain, which not only brings grievous pain physically, but also sometimes affects their fertility, causing a defect to their family. In a result, women diagnosed with endometriosis should look for treatment as soon as possible. Endometriosis will lead to a severe damage to women, so accurate treatment is of great importance. During endometriosis treatment, you’d better pay close attention to the following five misunderstandings: 1.Regarding endometriosis as a pure dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation are the prominent manifestation of endometriosis, so a palette of women take it just as abnormal menstruation, then take medication without diagnosis. Although this may take effect in a short period of time, women will suffer relapse or even get trapped more serious condition when stopping medication. Therefore, specialists points out that women who have irregular menstruation especially painful menstruation should not bear and forbear or accept a blind treatment but to make an exact examination in a regular hospital before accepting an accurate remedy according to their specific causes of diseases. Because every woman has her unique condition even though all of them have the disease called “endometriosis”. 2.Just removing chocolate cysts but neglecting the factors related to endometriosis Endometriosis that takes place in ovary is a common case of the disease, which is medically termed as chocolate cysts. However, some clinics and irregular hospitals who don’t know rightly the relationship between cysts with endometriosis merely remove the cysts through surgery without dealing with endometriosis. Such mistaken treatment will leave women prone to get a relapse and suffer severe pain after the surgery. 3.Mixing endometriosis (adenomyosis) up with uterine fibroid When uterine lining(endometrium) invades into uterine walls, the adenomyosis forms. Commonly, endometriosis and adenomyosis appear together in women. Making an examination with a backward equipment or by a doctor lack of experience, woman may get a misdiagnosis and further obtain a wrong treatment. The clinical symptoms of adenomyosis includes painful and heavy period, protracted period, sometimes spotting before and after period, enlarged uterus, etc. While for uterine fibroid, the main symptoms include changeable menstrual cycle, leukorrhagia(increasing vaginal discharge), abdominal mass, infertility, glycopenia(low in blood sugar), secondary anemia, etc. 4.Accepting an irregular treatment and adopting herbs randomly Common symptoms of endometriosis are painful, heavy and prolonged menstruation, herbs are regarded as the medicine that has the function of nourishing body and regulating menstruation. Plus herbs have little or even no side effects when they are mixed and allocated reasonably, many women will choose herbs to treat endometriosis. However, it seems that many women have used herbs in a random and wrong way. This involves the compatibility of herbal medicines, which means two or more herbs can be selectively applied together based on the different needs of the disease and the different characteristics of the herbs. Accurate mixture ratio of herbs can give full play to the efficacy of each herb, otherwise, toxic reactions or strong side effects will take place due to unreasonable proportion. So never take herbs without guidance, you’d better choose the herbs that has a given formula by herbalist, such as Fuyan Pill, which is a patented herbal medicine, in which more than 50 kinds of herbs have been distributed in respective proportion. Shared by:

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