Can Skipping Breakfast Help In Your Weight Loss Program?

Are you taking weight loss supplements and skipping breakfast just to lose weight? Wait! It may negatively affect your health. Is skipping breakfast really helpful in weight loss? A recent study has shown that skipping breakfast has no effect on weight loss. So, if you are not eating the very first meal of the day, then be careful and think twice before skipping it. Eating breakfast may benefit your body to a great extent. Yes, you read it right! But, how is that possible? Let us discuss. Role of a Protein-Rich Breakfast in Weight Loss Those who are looking to lose belly fat may benefit from a high protein diet. A study has shown an inverse relationship between quality protein and belly fat which means that, eating high-quality protein can lead to reduced belly fat. In another study it was found that those who ate a high protein breakfast lost approx 4 % of their body weight while those who took low protein breakfast lost only about 0.2% of their body weight. So, do you still want to skip your first meal of the day? How Does Protein Help In Weight Loss? Are you taking weight loss supplements for protein? If you have selected the right one, it may boost metabolism and moreover, it may also help you to eat less. Eating a high protein breakfast may do the same job. Yes, keep reading! Eat A High Protein Breakfast And Reduce Your Daily Calorie Intake. It has been shown in a study of “breakfast-skipping” adolescents that eating a protein-rich breakfast led to increased satiety and improved appetite control. (4) Another study has shown that including high protein foods can help drop down the level of ghrelin hormone, a hunger hormone that may lead to reduced cravings. So, what are you waiting for? Instead of thinking about skipping breakfast, try eating a meal high in protein and see what happens! Boost Your Metabolism With High Protein Intake. A research study has shown that high protein intake boosts metabolism and helps increase energy expenditure. You may already be well aware of the role of metabolism in weight loss. People trying to shed pounds eat foods that may help boost their metabolism. Eggs- A Good Source of High-Protein Eating eggs at breakfast may help in healthy weight loss. Yes, they are highly nutritious and rich in protein. Even a research study showed eggs to be helpful in enhancing weight loss by making you feel full and as a result, you may eat less. Fish, seafood, dairy products and meat may also serve as good food sources of protein. Scrambled eggs with veggies or an omelet with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, stir-fried tofu, and a banana shake or almond milk are good examples of a high protein breakfast. Are You A Vegetarian? Don’t Worry; Plant-Based Foods Are Here! On the other hand, if you are vegetarian and don’t eat eggs then plant-based whole foods may serve as a good option. Kelp, Irish moss, garlic, ginger, stevia, alfalfa, and fenugreek are some of the plant-based foods that may help in your weight loss. So, try to include these foods in your diet. An easy way to consume these foods is to take a weight loss supplements that provide the combination of many such foods. Do Weight Loss Supplements Really Work? Though the market is flooded with many products that claim to reduce your body weight, be careful because many of them are not as effective as they seem. It is better to choose your product wisely. Choose one which is made using safe and natural herbs in their purest form. Remember, each person’s body is different. Choose weight loss supplements that are right for you. Your friend may be able to shed more pounds in a short period of time, while you may not. Have patience, a healthy weight loss program may take more time to show your desired results. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before starting any diet, dietary supplement or exercise plan. But, a high protein breakfast is a great way to start living the lifestyle of a healthier you.