Using Cold Therapy to Heal a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are common. It is not only the athletes who suffer from shoulder-related injuries but anyone can experience pain and discomfort in the shoulder bones due to trauma or post-workout muscle stress. One remedy that is very beneficial for healing shoulder injuries is cold therapy. Using a special ice machine for shoulders, you can recover faster from surgical wounds and injuries in this treatment area. Cold Therapy for Shoulder Injuries Cold therapy is use of cold temperature to heal orthopedic injuries and trauma. It has been delivered through ice bags or frozen vegetable bags for years. Now, modern devices such as ice machine for shoulders are available for utilizing the power of cold therapy for healing orthopedic injuries. Cold therapy helps the nerves around the injuries become numb, which in turn impedes the blood flow to the area. The process initiates a healing response from the body. As your body will continue to receive cold therapy on the shoulders, the healing will also keep occurring at a constant pace. Cold therapy can also be used on shoulders to find relief from everyday discomfort and pain resulting from workouts, household chores, specific job-related trauma (painting, writing, machine work, carpentry etc.). With 30 minutes or so of cold therapy everyday or as recommended by your doctor, you can heal your shoulder pain and injury really fast. Ice Machines for Shoulders An ice machine for shoulders is a device that delivers cold therapy precisely on the muscles and bones in this region. Some devices such as from IsoComforter come equipped with a special shoulder pad that you can wrap around the treatment area. IsoComforter healing pads are made with patented Iso-Tube technology to deliver cold therapy in the most efficient manner on the shoulders. You need to fill the portable tank with ice and water for cold therapy. You then wrap the pad around your shoulders, switch on the machine, and the cold water begins to flow over the injury providing healing to the muscles. You can use cold therapy on shoulders in case of rotator cuff (specific shoulder tendons) injuries, any sports-related trauma, post-operative surgical healing, muscle soreness, and for any kind of pain. When you use machines for cold therapy in lieu of ice bags, you save yourself from inconvenience and infection risks. Water from ice bags can drip on wounds and increase chances of infection. Not to say that dripping water on the bed or on your clothes can also be really messy. Machines are also easy to use. You can simply fill the tank with water and ice; plug it in, and start using cold therapy. With IsoComforter ice machine for shoulders, you don’t need to bother with knobs or fidget with controlling mechanisms. You also don’t require replenishing water supply in the tank every so often. When buying an ice machine for shoulders; ensure that the device is easy to use and provides healing without risk of injuries from the cold temperature.