Including Massage in Physical Therapy Treatment Programs. What Are The Benefits?

When we hear the word “massage,” our minds typically drift off to a peaceful, spa-like setting where we go to de-stress and forget about our busy lives for a few hours. But did you know that massage therapy is regularly utilized in clinical settings due to its many health benefits? According to the Mayo Clinic, “studies of the benefits of therapeutic massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.” They go on to suggest that massage therapy may provide relief for the following conditions, as well:

Anxiety Digestive disorders Fibromyalgia Headaches Insomnia related to stress Myofascial pain syndrome Soft tissue strains or injuries Sports injuries Temporomandibular joint pain In the clinical setting, therapeutic massage implements both injury assessments and injury treatment, making it a useful tool when paired with physical therapy. Sports-related injuries benefit from physical therapy, and programs include treatments to stimulate movement, assuage pain, improve disability, and reestablish function to specific areas of the body. It is believed that adding massage therapy to treatment protocol may significantly enhance the results of physical therapy, thereby minimizing pain and helping the body heal faster. Physical therapy programs may include treatments such as ultrasound, manual therapy to work numerous muscle groups, exercise, and more. Therapeutic massage can reduce inflammation and encourage healing when performed after physical therapy sessions. Whether a patient is undergoing treatment for injuries or other physical therapy issues, therapeutic massage can be a proactive tool to add to the recovery program. Not only does it assist with healing and alleviate pain, it also significantly reduces the stress associated with the chronic pain caused by an injury or other physical ailment. Therapeutic massage is an effective stand-alone treatment, but when embedded within a physical therapy treatment plan, its use is heightened to benefit the patients. To learn more about the availability of therapeutic massage with physical therapy in the Coral Springs area, contact Wasserman Chiropractic at 954-755-1980. ‘Treating patients who’ve sustained injuries resulting from everyday activities, sports and automobile accidents, and require the services of chiropractors in Coral Springs, Tamarac, Parkland and northwest Broward County. We are dedicated to relieving your pain, and getting you back on your feet again so you can resume your active lifestyle.