Fibromyalgia is a disease that is characterized by generalized musculoskeletal pain. In fibromyalgia they are perceived as painful stimuli that usually are not. Other symptoms are generalized stiffness, a sensation of inflammation and tingling.

The pain has an adaptive function, when we hurt the injured area sends a message very quickly to the brain, at that moment we are aware of the damage and we begin to feel pain and this causes us to take care of the affected area to avoid further damage, look for a protected site to rest and eliminate or reduce the usual activities and commitments. All this allows the tissue to recover, and we can gradually return to normal activities. Best way to treat it medically is Lyrica and it is available at Prescription Hope where Lyrica price is comparatively small.

However, fibromyalgia is a chronic pain, the tactic of rest and reduction of usual activities does not produce any relief and may even increase pain. The messages that reach the brain from the muscles, skin, ligaments and internal organs are only one of the ingredients to determine pain and suffering.

The cause of this alteration is not yet known, although it is thought that there are several related factors.

The factors that influence pain levels are of three kinds

  • The physical factors, that is, the injury produced, the scarring, and the malfunction of the muscular or arterial systems, the muscular tension.
  • The emotional factors,which can be caused by the same pain or other events of daily life, such as being worried, angry, or depressed.
  • And mental factors, how to deal with pain, being bored because we have reduced certain activities because of pain, and what we think of pain.
  • There are other factorsthat also influence pain, in fact, scientists now see pain as a mechanism very similar to a door, which as it opens or closes, can influence the amount of nervous messages that reach the brain so that he interprets them.

Most used treatments

Currently the most used treatments are pharmacological, physical exercise and psychological therapy. The main objective of the treatment is to improve symptoms, mainly pain, to achieve a better quality of life in these people.


Through psychotherapy we can increase the ability to control the impact of pain and physical functioning, try to change habits such as: reduce the consumption of drugs, increase physical activity, reduce the interference of pain on social, family and work activities and improve social skills. Carrying out a positive coping of pain is achieved by managing the negative internal dialogue, which will gradually change our attitude towards pain and life, learn to generate positive thoughts and be more tolerant of ourselves. It can also help us to directly express needs and desires without putting pain first.

In addition to reducing the psychological impact of pain, we must work on the negative emotions (anxiety, depression) generated by the lack of recognition of fibromyalgia as a disease, that is, the difficulties in obtaining a diagnosis (around three years of pilgrimage doctors) and be considered as “psychosomatic”, the absence of objective evidence of harm and the lack of recognition of the family as a true disease.


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