How to Lower Costs at Your Medical Center

Medical centers often have high operational costs due to the equipment’s complexity, high medical supplies cost, and a considerable rate of power consumption. Although it may seem challenging to lower costs in a medical environment, you can use the following methods to save money while maintaining a safe workplace.

Refurbished Equipment

Medical facilities require high-quality equipment to provide the best service to their patients. Due to the research involved in engineering medical devices, the machines are expensive to purchase and maintain. A new MRI machine runs between $200,000 to 2 million dollars depending on its size and capabilities. To save money, you can contact a qualified distributor to purchase pre-owned mri machines and other essential gear.

Paperless Options

Some patients may need paper invoices for their records, but you can offer paperless options with emails and messaging services. Digital invoicing and memos can lower your costs and help the environment. With the popularity of mobile phones and devices, many customers prefer digital invoices and appreciate the paperless option.

Lighting Improvements

Bright operating rooms and well-lit hallways are essential for a safe medical center. Lighting may account for up to 20% of your utility bill, and by using energy-efficient bulbs and modifying your lighting fixtures, you can lower your building’s power consumption. LEDs last longer than standard bulbs, and they require less power to operate. You can also install motion-sensing lighting systems that automatically shut off when someone leaves a room.

Power Saving Measures

Another way to reduce costs is to encourage your employees to adopt power-saving measures around the office. Computers and office equipment draw a significant amount of power and continue to function while in sleep or standby modes. By unplugging the devices before leaving and disabling sleep modes, you can lower your monthly bills. You can also use a digital thermostat with a password option to prevent employees from adjusting the office’s temperature.

Solar Options

Although it requires a considerable initial investment, a solar power system can provide clean energy to your facility and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. With state and federal incentives available, solar energy is more affordable than ever before. The solar panels used today are more efficient than previous models, and the battery systems are the size of a circuit breaker panel. Contact a trusted company with experience in commercial installations to find the ideal solar power system.

Although running a medical center is costly, you can use the previous suggestions to lower costs and continue to give your patients high-quality service.


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