Signs Your Loved One Needs Alcohol Rehab

If you know someone who has a problem with alcohol, the line between addiction and abuse is hard to find. You may wonder how to determine when alcohol has become a serious issue for your loved one. How do you know when you should help them seek help?

Remember, you know this person. Since you know them, you are in a unique position to tell when it is time to seek Austin Texas rehab services. Some of the signs to look for that these professional services are needed can be found below, as well.

Health Issues

If your loved one suffers from health problems related to alcohol use, but they refuse to stop drinking, they may need help. Ongoing health issues are a clear sign that alcohol addiction has reached a critical point.

The sooner that your loved one can begin the detox process, the sooner they can begin recovery. Don’t wait if you have noticed this issue.

Family Problems

If your friend or family member has lost their family because of continued abuse of alcohol, it is another sign help is needed. Usually, personal relationships are one of the first things that suffer when alcohol becomes an issue. If you see someone in your life hurting relationships with their loved ones or spouse, and you don’t think you can continue your relationship with them if they keep drinking, it is clear they need help.

Missing Work or School

If the person is missing school or work, or if they have been fired or suspended because of alcohol use, it is another sign of a problem. Don’t ignore this issue, as it will keep getting worse.

Finding the right rehabilitation facility and program is essential. Some people will do well with an outpatient service, while others will need full-time, inpatient care. Talk to the person about the treatment and help them find the option that best suits their needs.

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