Creative Ways to Make Oral Care Fun for Kids

Good oral health care starts at an early age. It’s important for parents to teach their children to prioritize regular brushing and flossing, as well as preventative dental care Jacksonville FL. Unfortunately, some kids may try to avoid routine home care or develop negative feelings towards dental checkups. However, there are creative ways you can make the entire process easy and fun so they’re able to build a lifetime of healthy habits.

Invest in a Toothbrush With All the Bells and Whistles

When used properly, a simple, standard toothbrush will do the job of removing plaque from the surface of the teeth, helping to prevent tartar buildup and cavities. However, if your child isn’t eager to brush, it may be worth choosing a new model that’s fun and exciting for them. Shop for a design that features their favorite character or lights up when in use. You can even find products that are designed to sync with an app on your mobile device.

Use Sticker Charts or Reward Systems

If good health doesn’t motivate your child, consider starting a sticker chart or reward system to help keep them on track with daily cleanings. You can do this manually with old-fashioned paper or design a digital version using your computer or phone. Look for fun dental apps that encourage proper technique for brushing, flossing and using a mouth rinse for a more complete routine.

Play Dentist With Your Kids

Using your imagination is a great way to make any mundane activity more special and fun. Playing dentist with your kids can help them feel more comfortable with having their teeth cleaned by the real thing. Commit to the role and you’ll likely find that they’re much more willing to let you help with brushing and flossing before bedtime.

When you’re teaching your children about good oral hygiene, be sure to keep it fun. Not only will it improve their health but it will also make them more likely to prioritize dental care in the future.

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