BlueChew Review: What Do People Say About This Service?

Searching for BlueChew reviews typically means that the searcher knows at least the basics of the company. BlueChew is a service that helps men treat the extremely common medical condition known as erectile dysfunction, or ED. We’ll look at what the company does for its members, why men continue to sign up for it, and what people can do if they’re interested in trying it for themselves.

Is BlueChew a Medication?

No. BlueChew is a service named after the chewable tablets it provides for its customers. BlueChew pills don’t exist, but the company does provide prescriptions for tablets to those who have been medically diagnosed with ED. The company partners with a network of licensed medical professionals all over the US to make it easy for men to get what they need.

BlueChew coordinates everything from the prescription to the shipping of either Sildenafil (active ingredient in Viagra) or Tadalafil (active ingredient in Cialis).

Both types of prescriptions can help ED, though it’s important to note that they are not the same medication. A licensed medical professional can give a patient more information about what type of prescription would be better for them.

How Do Men Get Tablets Delivered to Their Doorstep?

When you look up a BlueChew review, you might see someone list the steps needed to sign up for the service:

  1. Fill out an online profile with your basic demographic and health information.
  2. Meet with a licensed medical professional online to be evaluated for a prescription.
  3. If the licensed medical professional diagnoses you with ED and approves you for medication, choose one of the plans available through BlueChew.
  4. Get medication delivered to your door every month.

ED can interfere with people’s relationships over time, even when it’s not always obvious. The service gives people an easy way to address a condition that affects at least half of all men at some point in their lives.

Why Do People Praise the Company in BlueChew Reviews?

BlueChew was created as a practical answer for ED, which has left many members wondering why they would ever go back to a traditional solution. People might praise the company because:

  • It’s all online. Now, men don’t have to talk to their regular healthcare provider or see the same pharmacist from month to month.
  • It’s easy to take. Chewable tablets are far easier to process than swallowing large pills.
  • It’s convenient. If men live far from their healthcare providers or a standard drug store, BlueChew saves them the time and hassle of waiting for every stoplight just to wait in line again at the pharmacy.
  • It’s safe. Not only are all the tablets made in the USA, ensuring they’re subjected to rigorous standards, BlueChew is also known for the quality of its cybersecurity.

Can Everyone Sign Up for BlueChew?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be eligible for the BlueChew service. Because telemedicine laws differ in all 50 states, not all will allow this medication to be delivered to your doors. BlueChew is currently working to be available in all states, and the company encourages men to sign up to be notified if they’re interred in the service.

In addition, it’s not safe for all men to take ED tablets, as they may pose a danger to men with certain health conditions (such as diabetes or heart disease).  An honest BlueChew review may include the details about why a person was unable to sign up for the service, but rest assured the company always has the best interests of the customer at heart.

Can Men Sign Up for BlueChew without Paying for It?

Yes. The many perks of this company have led to some very positive BlueChew reviews, but it’s important to the customer care team that men see for themselves what it’s all about.

The company offers a free month’s trial for men where they’re only asked to pay the $5 for shipping costs. This benefit allows men to try the service out without committing to see if it’s right for them. The company also offers a promo that gives men $20 off any plan offered through the service.

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