A Scientific Approach to Health

A Scientific Strategy to Well being

My trainer and mentor, Mr. Jaffrey, used to subscribe to a scientific

journal from which he would draw matters for a lot of of our academic

discussions.For the previous whereas I’ve been receiving e mail articles from

totally different scientific sources in an effort to:1. take a look at new concepts – particularly people who pertain to well being

and happiness.2. reaffirm my place regarding the philosophy of well being that

I espouse.3. sharpen my powers of deduction.I acquired a letter to-day bemoaning the shortage of scientific examine

surrounding most of the ‘different’ well being concepts which might be being

promoted.I will not go into many particulars concerning the content material of the

data, nor the creator’s title or firm – they don’t seem to be

vital.What’s vital is the philosophical base from which these

statements are made.Please learn the next extracts after which be aware my feedback.”There has all the time been a chasm between the stuff written by medical

correspondents and “health writers” …. The previous are specialist

science writers whose beat contains the most recent goings on in medical


“Simply as well being writers will cowl any previous tosh that offers with the

human physique, be it quack treatments or copper bracelets that remedy

loud night breathing, whereas medical writers need some science behind their


“It’s miserable {that a} newspaper as strong as The Impartial

carries this kind of tosh. Maybe the one saving grace is that

they file it below “Lifestyle”.”Feedback:1. Science is predicated on particular legal guidelines – extra particularly, science

is predicated on our understanding of the workings of the universe –

nature actually does not have legal guidelines – we make them in an effort to render

our observations and actions as environment friendly as potential. As soon as a regulation

has been outlined and ratified we are able to get on with the usage of it and

even progress to newer extrapolations and understandings.2. One of many first legal guidelines of science is the regulation of ‘Trigger and


‘Each trigger has its impact and each impact its trigger.

To know the precise trigger and the precise impact we should range the

causes experimentally one after the opposite.’

That is the strategy of science.3. In case your practitioner treats your symptom, she or he has a

philosophy that goes towards the afore-mentioned scientific regulation and

due to this fact the practise will likely be doomed to failure.So the author in afore-mentioned extract is each proper and improper.He’s appropriate in his damnation of ‘quack treatments.’Nevertheless, he’s improper in pondering that the medical fraternity is any

totally different in both its philosophy or its practise.And I conclude by submitting that ‘life-style’ is paramount in all

issues of well being and illness.- Take away any and all causes of defective life-style.- Present the right organic necessities as they pertain to

human life.- Preserve power and permit the physique to behave in accordance with its

prime directive – to keep up itself in pristine well being.Kevin

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