How Can Executive Function Testing Help Kids?

When a child has a learning disability or otherwise shows signs he or she is struggling with learning, parents want to take every step possible to try to get to the heart of the issue. Discovering what is going on can allow them to help their child and make learning easier and more effective. One option to uncovering learning issues is executive function testing.

What Is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning, according to Understood For All Inc., is how the brain manages its operations. It includes a range of skills, such as memory and focus. It is the overall function of the brain and how it works at the most basic level.

How Do the Tests Work?

While there are many types of tests, the QIKtest, specifically, uses a special device that can be useful when working with a variety of patients, especially children. With this type of test, an expert is able to administer a continuous test that can study reaction time and the ability to focus. While there is a learning curve to using the device, it is relatively simple enough that kids should be able to adapt quickly, allowing the test to produce accurate results.

What Can Testing Discover?

A QIKtest executive function analysis Pineville NC can help an expert to assess how your child thinks. Specifically, it can uncover how your child’s mind organizes information, forms concepts, generates ideas, and focuses attention. It discovers the deeper workings of the brain to pinpoint areas where your child has abnormal functioning that could impact his or her ability to learn.

The Bottom Line

Testing or analysis of the brain and its functions is never an easy task, but with useful testing measures, such as the QIKtest, it is easier to do. This type of executive functioning testing can enable you to learn more about your child and ensure he or she is learning at the level needed for success.

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