5 Common Questions About Medical Cannabis Edibles:

One of the most common questions we get about cannabis comes down to how it can be used in edibles. We wanted to answer some of the most common questions that we get about medical cannabis edibles and how they can help you:

Do Edibles Smell Like Marijuana?

One of the top reasons that patients prefer the use of edible cannabis is because it’s discrete. It’s actually hard to tell the difference between THC infused gummies and a regular gummy. Most THC-infused edibles have very little odor of cannabis.

How long does it take with medical edibles before you feel effects?

When you first try edibles, it may feel as though they’re not working at all as with most medical cannabis you’ll experience the effects of inhalation within 1 to 2 minutes. Edibles are different in terms of effects in the average onset for edibles is roughly 45 min.

What Potency Should I Try?

Edibles often have a higher and slower released potency than inhaled cannabis. Most would recommend starting with a low dose and going slow with edibles for your first time. For a mild experience choose a dose between 1-8mg. patients that have tolerance levels that are considered high may eventually work up to a 15 to 30 mg dose if stronger effects are desired.

Can You Overdose On Edibles?

THC-infused edibles are extremely safe. The worst-case scenario of taking a higher dose is that you may feel extremely lethargic or simply want to sleep it off. If you want to improve the effectiveness and absorption rate of edibles to maximize each dose,  snack around 10 minutes before you consume your edible for improved absorption rates.

Are There Cannabis Edibles Without THC?

CBD edibles are available as a daily supplement to fight off inflammation, assist with anxiety and the symptoms of pain.

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