How to Clean Wax from a Baby's Ear?

How to Clean Wax from a Baby’s Ear?

Mild to moderate wax build-up is common in children of all ages. The external ear can be cleaned with a washcloth while the internal ear is problematic. Many moms leave the wax inside the ear canal alone. Inserting a tool, regular cotton swab can push the earwax even deeper into the year. Cleansing the inside ear can also puncture the drum. If the wax build-up is too much, you can try hydrogen peroxide drops. But first consult your paediatrician. In this blog, we will discuss ways to clean your baby’s ear.

Wet a soft washcloth with warm water and use it to clean the wax that’s collected around the baby’s outer ear. Do not push the washcloth into the baby’s ear. Most of the time, visible wax will fallout on its own. For the interior of the eardrum, use a baby safe cotton bud that is designed with ear drum protection. A baby earbud manufacturer will have these. These cotton ear buds are sterile and give your baby a bacteria and germ-free cleaning experience. The flexible cleaning design of the cotton bud provides smart and proper cleaning without harming the sensitive corners of the ears. Remember that these buds are only for the outer and not the inner ear. If your paediatrician allows you to use hydrogen peroxide, choose a time of the day when your baby is calm to administer eye drops. Warm the glass bottle between your hands and keep the baby on your lap. Fill an eyedropper with the solution and drop the mixture, one drop at a time, into the baby’s ear canal until it is full. Wait for 5 minutes as long as the baby will lie still. The drops will soften the wax and run out of the inner ear. Wipe around the baby’s ears with a damp cotton washcloth to clean up the drops and wax. Repeat the treatment once daily for 3-5 days. Warning: Never use hydrogen peroxide ear drops on a child who can’t support her own head. The drops and water will not drain properly. Your child’s safety is in your hands. Buy baby buds with eardrum protection today.

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