Child Psychology - Understand Your Child

Child Psychology – Understand Your Child

Understanding child psychology is very difficult. It requires a lot of patience and compassion to deal with these gentle minds. Along with physical health of your child, it is essential to care about his or her psychological health because from early age to his juvenile age, a child passes away from several psychological changes. It is necessary to care about your child in between this time period. Some parents have trouble in communication with their children. For better mental development of your child, it is necessary to communicate with him, listen his problem and make solution accordingly. The children of the parents, who do not care about their child, move in wrong direction. They search for another way. Hence it is necessary to end communication gap between you as well as your children. You should be mentally attached with your children from very early stage. Your ability to relate to your infant from very early on in a way that creates a secure attachment bond of emotional communication will enable your child to regulate and thereby generate and maintain states of emotional security. The important thing is that you take notice of your child’s emotional state and take it into account when you react. Children only understand language of love. A child’s psychological development depends basically on the love that he or she will receive from his parents, especially in the first days of his life. Loves & affection gives them physical as well as mental support. A child should be given as much love and attention as possible, to allow it to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. It should be taught how to eat, walk and talk and how to get the most out of what it learns at school and college. At present, both father & mother are working & they do not give sufficient time for their kids. Thus parents & children do not have a bonding in between & they do not perform better in society. A child did better if his/her mother was more sensitive, responsive, and attentive. Fathers’ too have a significant impact on a youngster’s academic performance. A child with an active and involved father has better social skills, is healthy, and does well in school.

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