3 Great Cannabis Products for Stress Relief

New to the world of medical cannabis and wonder just how this miracle plant can benefit you? Medical marijuana patients report relief from multiple symptoms, including anxiety, and products that feature the Indica strain are especially beneficial for this condition. Here are three products that you should check out on your next visit to your local dispensary.

1. Joos Bubble Gum Disposable Vape

Joos is a sub-brand of Nature’s Grace and Wellness, one of Illinois’ premier medicinal cannabis growers and extractors. Disposable vapes deliver cannabis to the user in the form of vapor that comes from a cannabis extract, in this case, cannabis oil. features the popular Bubble Gum strain, which is an Indica-dominant strain known for its balanced effects mixing relaxation with a clean energy boost. This particular vape is high in THC with very low levels of CBD.

2. Cresco Lime Sorbet Flower

Based in the Chicago area, Cresco produces a wide variety of medical cannabis products, including quality flowers, vapes and edibles in partnership with other companies. The Lime Sorbet strain, in flower form, is legendary both for its potent sedative effects as well as its rich, funky flavor. It provides the user with pure Indica effects. Definitely check this out at a quality marijuana dispensary Chicago.

3. Cresco OG18 Pre-roll

Another great product by Cresco is the OG18 Pre-roll. Filled with one gram of quality cannabis in an Indica-dominant strain, this pre-roll is the perfect product to promote rest, relaxation and healthy sleep. The pre-roll is packaged in the ideal amount for a new or experienced user to achieve relief from stress. It’s the perfect product to enjoy before bedtime.

There are a wide variety of quality medicinal cannabis products that will help you alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Be sure to check each of these out on your next dispensary visit!

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