All About Fertility That Every Woman Should Know

At some point of their life cycle every woman has to undergo intercourse as it is needed for a healthy body and after marriage life. Having a perfect relationship with your partner is vital to be emotionally attached to each other. When we grow older, day by day the desires becomes more and more but up to a certain age period. Fertility is the biological productive ability of a person to give birth to a child. When we are young and in our early 20’s the desires are more as we have high fertility. As we grow older our fertility levels decline and henceforth the chances of being pregnant.
Studies say, Woman have high fertility up to 27 years old, After that the fertility levels come down. So it is always advised by the doctors to marry before that age to have successful marital life. Woman after her 30 years of age should consult a doctor and be cautious before planning a child. Fertility is a natural ability in a living being and differs from person to person. Following factors affect the Fertility in a Woman. Diet and metabolism affect the fertility in women due to hormonal changes. Cold drinks, excess sugar, processed foods, excess fats are advised to avoid as much as possible as these foods causes insulin imbalance thus declining fertility. Sufficient Water, fruits, Green vegetables should be included in daily diet to be fertile. Women’s fertility is higher at 20s and starts to decline around 35. After that the required hormones are reduced in the ovaries and the quantity of eggs are reduced and around 50years of age there is permanent termination of egg production and this is the end of the fertile period of a woman. The more you are happy and free from anxiety stress and depression, the more you are fertile. Depression/stress reduces the testosterone levels in the body and the mind ceases to function properly and cannot produce the required hormones. So it is advisable to spend some quality times with your family, do vacations out of your daily busy work life. Doing exercise and yoga also can makeyou fit physically and mentally and improve sperm quality and quantity. A woman should maintain age – weight ratio. As per studies those women who are overweight have risks of high blood pressure and diabetes which are the causes of infertility and may have pregnancy related health issues, and those who are underweight may deliver a low birth weight baby. Smoking and drinking alcohol, caffeine reduces the hormones and causes infertility and thus these women may take longer time to get pregnant and have lower chances of a healthy baby as smoking and drinking damages the eggs and reduces the sperm quantity and quality. Some illness like thyroid diseases, adrenal diseases, ovarian diseases, pelvic inflammatory disease and in some cases genetics may be the reasons of infertility in a woman. Those who are regularly taking medications due to some health issues may have lower sperm count and less chances of getting pregnant.