How to Talk About Relationship And Physical Passion to a Disabled Individual?

An individual suffering from intellectual or developmental disabilities deserves the same kind of treatment like all other normal people but sadly they never get the same level of kindness. They deserve the same right as the ones without disabilities in every aspect of life including relationship and passionate love. They need support in understanding the concept of relationship and establishing it in a way normal people do it. There are professionals who are trained to offer support to such individuals with developmental disabilities. These are critical topics no doubt but able professionals can really play a great role in bridging the gap with effective communication with the disabled individuals. The Desires Shared by the Disabled If a disabled person comes up with the desire to meet a girl, get married and have children of own then it is nothing to laugh about or denied. He or she also has the right to set up a relationship and a family. A professional will move ahead in this situation with certain specific goals to make the person understand the concept and help them in gaining the social skill to find a potential partner and date. Eliminating the Secrecy There is always hush-hush situation going on in the disability community when it comes to relationship, marriage and passion although they have somehow gained equal rights in terms of education, employment and community living. The scenario must change and in order to do that there should be adequate training in the field so that the professionals dealing with disabilities can gain competency in the domain of establishing relationship, support health and wellness and so on. It often becomes a critical affair for the people working with disabilities to handle and talk on certain sensitive issues. Here are few tips to approach the broad topic to be defined to the disabled people. Judging one’s own knowledge and comfort level It is very important that the professional must gauge his/her own comfort level about talking over such touchy topics and they must plan ways to answer all sort of questions supposed to come from the disabled individuals. Never wait to reciprocate to a question asked but always take the initiative It can be a case when the concerned person can feel awkward to ask certain questions about physical passion and relationship, then it becomes the mental health professional to break the ice and make open-ended questions to gauge their mind. Being responsive to the questions It is the professional’s responsibility to be receptive to the questions, however off the track it might be. A proper response will help the person to gain trust on him/her and open up. Terminology to be used should be proper It is very important to articulate your views with proper terms related to the different physical acts, body parts and relationship aspects. If pet names are used then it might get difficult for the disabled person to express it in case they experience any kind of abuses. Never indulge in making up stories It is not a good practice to make up a story in case the professional is not sure about something. If the counselor doesn’t know the proper answer then it is important to find out a resurge to be consulted to give the proper answer. Helping to establish social skills in a proper way It is never appropriate for the professional to touch the individual as when they are making them understand the physical boundaries between individuals then touching them and being intimate will give wrong signals. Make media tool If you explore through the media contents then passionate love and relationship is a subject proclaimed everywhere, be it a magazine or television show, just make them your tool to strike a conversation.