How Dental Veneers Can Help To Fix Your Teeth

How Dental Veneers Can Help To Fix Your Teeth Chino dental veneers are a form of cosmetic dentistry in which veneers (layers of tooth-colored porcelain) are placed over facial surfaces of your teeth. The first question that arises in your mind is when should you opt for this procedure? Here are a few instances where this treatment might help: To fix uneven teeth Close the space in-between the teeth Repair the worn out tooth enamel Fix the discoloration and chips & cracks in the teeth Although veneering is a cosmetic procedure and can enhance overall facial appearance but it is also a restorative process which eliminates the need for more advanced dental treatments. On one hand, veneering aligns teeth and creates bright, beautiful and shapely smile while on the other hand it protects the surface of teeth damaged because of some reason. Veneers, thus, solve most of your dental problems – core as well as artistic. When you say veneers, you are talking about a different procedure as compared to implants. The veneers form a layer of composites that look and feel like your teeth while, implants are all about customizing the teeth to fill in the space. The procedures are different but a dental implants dentist Chino can carry out both. Dental veneering is a four-step process – (1) diagnosis and treatment planning, (2) preparation, (3) bonding, and (4) post-treatment dental care. The first step involves your participation than your dentist’s. Actually, you’ll need to explain what your goal is. With this, it’s important to disclose your medical history or any specific medical problem you have. Also, you will have to undergo a thorough diagnosis to determine if you are the right candidate for the treatment. Once you get an approval from the dentist, you will need to understand the entire procedure, the number of sittings your veneer might require and what are the processes involved. This is done by removing around ½ millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface. The thickness is equal to the thickness of veneers. It depends completely on you if you want to take local anesthesia or not. If you think you can manage without it, then don’t take it. As soon as the enamel is trimmed, the dentist will start taking the impressions of your tooth. These impressions are then sent to the laboratory, where customized veneers will be constructed. Typically, it takes a week to ten days to construct the veneers. Meanwhile, if you want your dentist can place temporary veneers for an additional cost. The third stage includes cementing veneers permanently to your teeth. These will be placed temporary to examine the fit. Your dentist may trim the veneers to make them a perfect fit. Once placed properly, a special light beam is applied to activate the chemicals in cement, causing it to harden quickly. The treatment is over; however, you need to take special care of your teeth. You will have to take additional care; so that there is no possibility of infection. Proper Chino dental care will help you recover fast. Your dentist may ask you to pay one more visit after a couple of weeks. This is to ensure that your gums are responding favorably and veneers are placed correctly. This is the best way to get a clean, shiny white perfect smile.