Why Pregnancy Insurance Gaining Popularity in Singapore

In Singapore, health care is very expensive if you are pregnant. You need to pay heavy charges when you visit a gynaecologist and pay for delivery and ultrasound. This means that you at the time of maternity, you will have to face various expenses of the hospital. For this, you will definitely be wondering if there is any pregnancy insurance that is designed considering your special need and will cover pregnancy and post-partum period. In the market, such plans are available from different companies but most of them cover the cases of complications and not the regular parental care. Hospital maternity package that covers cases of pregnancy are available in the market and are benefitting people so far. This helps them to stay away from the monetary shortage at the time of delivery in hospital and in case of an emergency situation. In Singapore, every one out of five baby face one or the other complication that requires NICU care. This can be very expensive for parents who are not well prepared for it. It is noted that prematurity rate in Singapore has increased in past few years from 7.2% to 9.5%. This is the reason that hospitals are charging high bills that are soaring to people. This is the reason that companies have come out with some well planned and specific hospital maternity package that covers the entire expenses of the hospital during the child birth. There are cases like miscarriage, premature birth, emergency Caesarean sections, birth defects and other problems that are very expensive and leads to expensive hospital bills. For people who have low income often find this situation stressful and unaffordable. For understanding the demand from such people, few companies have emerged in Singapore that provides insurance plans for maternity and helps people to enjoy their parenthood. It is noted that childbirth can be both exciting and stressful if you are well prepared for it. Now it is easy to get medical coverage from hospitals for delivery. For this, pregnancy insurance is popular in Singapore where all the expenses during the delivery are covered by the company. For this, you can get both plans for mothers and the infant. There are certain hospitals covered under this plan and you are well informed about it. The entire expense of the partnering hospital is carried out by the insurance company and they assure new parents about the complete care of their child and mother.