Truth About Teen Obesity!

Indeed, obesity is the most captivating medical alignment, or better refers as disease in modern days. And when it strike to an age group of 7-21age it is way too serious to consider and it is not cute at all. Kids from early teenage and pro-teenage were supposed to be zealous, spontaneous and almost living a proactive life. Indeed, it is the age where they are at the peak of their health and there is the reason why nature has given extra zest to live that phase of life. Since it is the age where they have to learn many things which would be beneficial to live an adult and mature life! But in case of obesity and its symptoms would allow kids to do anything then making them vulnerable to procrastination. What cause it? Absence morning stretch routine: it is essential since to not only gives a quick-kick to their metabolism and also give scope to be flexible. Whether obese or not early morning cardio is ideal for most every age group, but the only reason most of the teen would love to flex their muscle is to get in comfortable position when they wake up! Junk Breakfast: Those were the days when morning breakfast was task to do and satiation derived from it was morning must-to-have-thing. But it made easy now, just pour some cereal and milk in bowl and it is done. Well fact is, most of those packaged food are filled with saturated fat and full of artificial sweeteners’, which literally makes perfect scenario cause obesity and low spontaneity, which is much needed in that age group. Technology: You see that coming didn’t you! Well back in the day, earlier generation used to be having not so tech-savvy ways to keep themselves entertained and in most cases it involves outdoor activities other than games like trekking, hiking and swimming lake or even fishing. But kids these days prefer to be active in indoors. If serves options they would prefer video games or just being in Wi-Fi zone when internet serves many options to keep them entertain. Sleep: There are literally two types of teens, one who sleep less then what they need to sleep and the one who sleeps a lot. Indeed there are many benefits of sleep to the health, but only in case teens that have boost up metabolism. In case of obese teens, more or less sleep, tend to slow-down metabolism. And it is hopeless if it is paired with overuse of technology. What it causes! Psychological: some of them include, unenthusiastic, un-spontaneous, low self-esteem, self-confidence to do anything and being negative and sarcastic most of the time. Most of the obese teens are prone to emotions outburst and having anger management issues. Procrastination can make these thing further worst, even causing most of the psychological alignment. It all make the teens reserve, introvert and mostly resilient to the outer world. It can make them prone to cause psychological disorder and mostly anxiety and Depression issues. Physical: it can includes low energy, prone to feel fatigues and exhausted, lose hand-&-Eye coordination and low motor skills, pressure on digestive system to process junk-food. It can also make them more vulnerable to cause line of disease and physical alignment and arthritis and liver complications are more common. High cholesterol can also make it prone to cause heart and diabetes, regardless of age-group. It is essential to make sure you consult your doctor and do’ title=’preventive health checkup’ target=”_blank’>preventive health checkup for precise measures before it turn any worst.